Cyclone Mahina (Mahina Cyclone of 1899) Aka. Hurricane Mahina


Category: 5
Formed: Unknown
Dissipated: 10th March 1899
Highest recorded wind (Gust): Unknown
Highest recorded wind (1 Minute): Unknown
Highest recorded wind (10 Minutes): 205 km/h
Eye diameter: Unknown
States effected: Queensland.
Fatalities: Approximately 400 - 410
Estimated damage cost: Unknown

The Path of Destruction
Mahina swept through the Cape York Peninsula on Saturday 4th March 1899, damaging Thursday Island and Bathurst Bay. Over 100 aboriginals died whilst trying to help shipwrecked men. Various sea creatures were found swept inland, some found up to 15m above ground level on trees, cliff faces etc. A tsunami estimated at 14.6m had hit the Queensland coast and swept 5km inland.

Details on Cyclone Mahina are very sketchy, due to the age of the disaster and the lack of modern instruments to track the savage storm. 

4. Image credit: Whittingham, 1958.
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